It is necessary to remember….
to remember the sorrows,
to remember the victories,
to remember the deceased…

In our short walk
through this world,
every single memory
confirms our existence.

They say that
is the only thing
that can’t be taken away from us:

I don’t know who they are,
but they are all unimportant:
the bankers, the judges, the royals,
hiding behind walls,
ears pressed against
exquisite wallpapers
pretending desperately not to hear
the footsteps approaching,
full of fears, full of despair
forged into majestic cufflinks.

She will come for you,
she will come for me,
and this knowledge
we ought not to remember.

Our memories
will only be preserved
by our imagination
in the buildings we leave behind;
the necessary windmills,
the parks, the bike paths,
a simple pencil…..
and let’s not forget
to plant a tree.

Our legacy
is all the tangible and material;
not the love we once had,
not even the love in our hearts.
Love is the blessing,
a gift we must possess
to allow us to hold hands,
to walk on the beach,
to watch sunsets,
and not see ourselves
witnessing darkness come,
rehearsing the inevitable,
full of contentment, full of joy, full of life.

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